katelyn delano

you can call me kate

Waking up early with a cup of coffee and snuggling my babygirl Bristol and playing with our toddlers Bennett and Blakely (yes, twins!)! If there is a sushi restaurant near by, you can find me there eating multiple rolls. I love to adventure and be on the go. I am married to my husband, Blake who is my personal chef and currently serving in the military. If you're ready for some friggin weird dance moves, awkward real life stories, the coolest adventures + couples, and some real life tips, tools, and strategies... you're in the right place. Let's be bffs. I'll bring the wine. ;)

hey hey I'm katelyn!

most days you can find me ...

I am a sucker for summer days on the beach and evening walks with my family! I frequently make sarcastic jokes and love to go for coffee dates. My best friends would tell you I’m easy to get along with and make for a fun time. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I typically running around chasing my kids!

MY BEST FRIENDS WOULD TELL YOU I’M outgoing, fun, and always up for an adventure!

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